Heroic Antorus Run Tier Spots, If a token drops (1) will be yours! We are not saved so more loot for you!

550k Heroic Clear, you WILL get a tier token if it drops!

Just want Argus Heroic? 175k

Why Buy From Post Apocalypse?

  • 965+ mythic raiding team quickly clearing content
  • Players are NOT loot-locked! More loot for you!
  • Ratio of buyers to Post Apocalypse raiders is usually around 1:6 = Lots of opportunities for loot!
  • Post Apocalypse only sells specific tier slots, if the token drops it is YOURS!
  • You will always be treated with courtesy and respect and we hope you have a really good time!

***We do reserve items that are Warforged/Titanforged IF needed for raiders***
If we do not need the items they will be rolled off for the buyers.

Contact Kirra#1912 to sign up or get more details!  25% Deposit required to reserve your spot.

Post Apocalypse is a progression-minded raid guild with a two-night per week schedule. You will find smart play with solid leadership and a passion for getting through Mythic-level content on a shorter raid week.

A lot of us have been playing together for a long time and have a history going back to early iterations of WoW content. We welcome all players that understand the effort that goes into preparing for a Mythic raid and what it means to play as part of a team.

Community means a lot to us and we hope it means a lot to you too!

We're always looking for great players.

Do you posess the qualities to make you a competitive member of the team?

Apply Today!